Our story

How it all started

Born and raised in the heart of the Caribbean, we are sister and brother who come from a family that goes as back as our great-grandparents cultivating the land in their agricultural farm where they raised cattle and grew cocoa, tobacco, and coffee, to name a few, and always proud of the quality of their products.

We think our good taste and obsession for quality runs in our blood! Cacao Mae was born of our passion for a hot creamy chocolate cup for breakfast before going to school and a mother who struggled to find the right cacao product with no added sugars or fillers and most of all, pure organic cacao.

In spite of our country, the Dominican Republic, producing one of the world’s best quality, good tasting cacao, being a worldwide reference as an organic producer, and a leader in this sector, few years ago we still could not find the product we were looking for in the local market , so to fill in that need, we ventured and created a brand that embodies the virtues of the Dominican cacao, fair trade and only certified organic.

This is how it all started, Cacao Mae a local and small family entrepreneurship with a commitment to provide and offer you the most delicious and nourishing, organic no fillers no sugar, no additives or distractions, pure cocoa powder and nibs. Cacao and its wonderful properties! Specially for you!!

Wishing you all the best,

Mariaelsy y José Alejandro Abreu

Did you know?

The Dominican Republic is known for the quality of its cocoa and the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) has described Dominican cocoa as a “fine and flavored” cocoa. The Dominican Republic is one of the main exporters of organic cocoa in the world.