Alkalinzed or Dutch Processed, Cocoa Powder 10-12% fat

It is made by adding an alkali solution (potassium carbonate) to the beans. 

Alkalized cocoa powder, has a higher PH level.This reduces the acidity and darkens the colour. It gives a less bitter taste and enhance the smell. The level of acidity and colour will vary depending on the level of alkalization. It is usually used for the cacao powder mix (traditional cocoa mix)

The dutch or alkalized process reduces the levels of certain phytochemicals so, containing lower amounts of flavonols (antioxidants) than the natural cocoa powder.  It has around a 60% less  of natural cocoa’s original antioxidants and contains 3 times less caffeine than the natural cocoa powder.

One study determined that 60% of antioxidants were destroyed by light dutching (or alkalinization) and 90% were destroyed by heavy dutching.